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Are you searching for working capital for your growing business? PayPoint Funding is the right financial solution so you can achieve your business goals.


Since 2007, we have taken the mystery out of finding the right business loan for your growing business. We offer you a fast and easy fast cash to meet your business requirements to help with expansion, new hires, inventory, training, maintenance, marketing, and cash flow. 


Apply today and get ready to grow your business with a quick infusion of working capital.

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PayPoint Funding focuses on offering business financing to owners just like you with funding options like:


Merchant Cash Advance

Allows your business to receive a lump-sum of capital in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of your business's future sales. This type of funding is ideal if you need fast access to cash flow even if your credit is not healthy.

Business Loans

Allows your business to borrow capital based on prespecified repayment terms that include interest over a set period. A small business loan requires at least six months in business with monthly revenue of at least $10,000 and can be either a secured or unsecured small business loan. 

Traditional Financing

Is generally a loan or line of credit which is usually based on the "four Cs," character, collateral, capital, and capacity. This loan requires lenders to look at your credit history, your business plan, and your assets. Traditional financing does entail a longer approval process so not ideal for those businesses who are seeking quick cash.


Allows you to sell your business's account receivable or invoices at a discount, so your business can raise the capital needed to meet your present and immediate cash flow needs. This type of financing allows your business to receive cash quickly on your receivables rather than waiting the 30 to 60 days it often takes a customer to pay. 

Credit Card Processing

Allows your business the opportunity to easily grow and manage its cash flow by accepting credit card payments on your website, over the phone, in-person, or on a mobile device. With integrated credit card processing systems, payments are automatically applied to accounting software, posted to Accounts Receivable and General Ledger.

PayPoint Funding, your right business funding solution.


We aspire to support businesses who are the backbone of this country. At PayPoint Funding, we believe all business owners deserve fast working capital so they can manage their cash flow. We achieve this by offering you a simple application process, competitive rates, and no hidden fees while protecting your privacy with secure encrypted technology. For over a decade, we pride ourselves on our high approval rate and unparalleled customer service. Get your free quote today and let PayPoint Funding help you grow your business!

Apply Today. Fund Tomorrow. It's that Simple!